Backjoy Kneeler assorted colours

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Focus on the task at hand rather than uncomfortable knee pain. The BackJoy Kneeler with Dynamic Comfort™ material delivers superior comfort to your knees providing pressure relief and total comfort on the hardest of surfaces or uneven ground.

The ergonomic design transfers the pressure of kneeling into the product to minimize knee pain while stress free acupressure nodes are positioned to take additional strain off the body. Now you can get more tasks done and enjoy doing them while you are in complete comfort. Works great for garden, bathing baby, DIY, housework and more.

  • Durable and waterproof for indoor/outdoor
  • Ergonomic design transfers pressure away from knee
  • Contoured shape makes kneeling more comfortable
  • Acupressure nodes takes additional strain off the body
  • Reduce discomfort on knees, joints, muscles and back