Leafstream Garden Screen

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A sustainable, modular, cost-effective screening solution for the Aussie outdoors.

Each panel is 1200mm x 600mm and comes in natural brown.

Leafstream™ is a 60% Privacy/ Blockout Design. Its flowing organic form is reminiscient of flowing water, leaves or indigenous textures like string fish nets. It creates beautiful shadow effects in natural light and is a perfect compliment to a garden. Compared to our other patterns its very light and open, and is brilliant for ambient visual effects as a suggestive divider, some wall art or vertical interest or even as an internal feature.

Made in Australia by Outdeco, from wood tailings compressed into a solid patterned sheet that is then coated in Decoshield Protective Stain to guarantee 10 years of performance when used under normal conditions.

No need to paint, but can be painted if another colour is desired.

Available to view and pick up at Lotus Watergardens, one of the stores at Gardenworld. Please call 97984599 prior, to make sure we have the stock you require.

How to affix Outdeco screens