Fruit Tree Grease Band 1.75m strip

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Fruit Tree Grease Band

Protects fruit and ornamental trees against female winter moths, caterpillars, ants and earwigs.

Simple but effective grease band to protect fruit and ornamental trees by controlling orchard pests, particuarly months and ants.

The Fruit Tree Grease Band will protect your trees and fruit by trapping the moths before they have a chance to lay eggs, preventing problems later when the caterpillars emerge to feed on leaves. Other harmful crawling insects will also be controlled, but beneficial insects will not be affected as they are not attracted by the green colour.

  • Poison free - suitable for use in organic gardens
  • Waterproof adhesive
  • Stays effective for up to 2 months

Instructions for use:
1. Remove any overhanging branches and nearby vegetabion that are likely to cause a bridge over the band.
2. Unroll grease band and cut to required length, ensuring an extra 8cm overlap.
3. Peel off the protective sleeve on the band to expose the greased surface.
4. Wrap the band tightly around the trunk (no gap) about 45cm above soil level, ensuring the greased sider is facing outwards away from the bark.
5. Overlap the edges and secure the band in place at the top and bottom with the string provided.
6. Cut the string ends so they are neatly short against the band and not hanging loose.

*Note - if using supporting tree stakes, these also need to have a grease band fitted.