Codling Moth Trap

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For monitoring Codling Moth - the pest that causes great damage to apples and pears.

  • Contains pheromone attractant.
  • Does not attract beneficial insects.
  • Effective for a whole season.
  • Simple to use.
  • May be used as one strategy in intergrated pest management.

This kit uses a synthetic pheromone to lure male Codling Moths into the sticky trap.

By regular checking of traps, growers can assess the level of infestation and take appropriate remedial action.

When should I use this trap?
The trap should be in place when the blossom buds begin to open to achieve effective results. Note the date of placement and change the pheromone lure at the recommended interval of five weeks - the lure will release the pheromone from the time of opening the sachet.

Warm, dry nights are required for flight and where these do not occur until later in the season the first flights of moths may be delayed. If this occurs the furst lure may not attract many moths - the lure and base must be changed after five weeks.

Use one trap for every five trees.
The Codling Moth is 8mm long, grey, with black lines and a distinctive copper patch on the wing tips. If more than 15 moths are caught in any one trap in a two week period you have a heavy infestation.

Use the trap as a monitor to time pesticide treatments accurately.
If you catch five or more Codling Moths in each of two weeks (not necessarily successive weeks) apply an approved spray treatment 7-10 days after the second catch of five or more. When using a spray treatment always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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