Debco Terracotta and Tub 25L

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Debco Terracotta & Tub provides home gardeners with a professional-grade potting mix that will grow the broadest range of plant types in any container.

It was specifically designed to grow plants in terracotta containers, but can be used in plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, concrete, wood etc.

Terracotta’s ability to breathe allows the transfer of gases through the wall of the pot, releasing any excess of oxygen to keep the root system strong and healthy.

Debco's Terracotta & Tub premium potting mix is is 25% lighter than many other potting mixes and does not become compacted or waterlogged. It contains Saturaid granular soil wetter to help water penetrate to the root zone, and water storing crystals to improve water retention and to minimise drought-stress.

Terracotta & Tub contains controlled-release fertiliser to feed plants as they need it, reducing the risk of over-feeding or fertiliser burn. It is also boosted with Seaoganic granular fertiliser for the added goodness of seaweed.