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Largely native to Australia, Eucalyptus are yet another example of plant species that is both beautiful in the residental landscape, and practical in the commercial one.
Fast growing, with short, fine fibres in the wood make it suitable for fine-grade paper, as well as tissue paper and high quality coated papers.
Eucalyptus oil is sought after as an industrial solvent, antiseptic, deodoriser, a natural insect repellant, and in small amounts as a food supplements.
The wood is used in the crafting of musical instruments, most notably the Didgeridoo, and most of the rest of any Eucalyptus tree can be used in the making of dyes.
All of this is, of course, in addition to the beauty of the foliage and the flowers that make Eucalyptus one of the most recognizable trees in Australia.

Wildfire has been hand grafted onto specially selected rootstocks to ensure suitability for growing in a wide range of soil types guaranteening flower...
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A great eye-catching feature tree. The Silver Princess is a small tree to 7m with pendulous white-frosted branches that produce a mass of large, pink-red...