Calathea Fusion White 14 cm

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Calathea leitzei 'Fusion White'

  • Beautifully marked oblong foliage supported by slender stems growing in a clump. 'Fusion White' has various patterns of green and white with purples tones on the underside.
  • Use indoors or in conservatories.
  • Position: indoors in a well lit room in a premium potting mix. Do not place near heaters or air conditioning units as it will scorch the leaves.
  • Water requirements: allow the plant to dry out thoroughly in between watering during the colder months and keep moist during the warmer months. Misting the foliage with tepid water regularly will benefit the plant as calatheas prefer higher level of humidity. Pots can also be placed in a tray filled with pebbles and a small quantity of water.
  • Size: can reach 40 to 45 cm in height and 35 to 40 cm in width. Clumps can be divided in spring if necessary.
  • Fertilise monthly during the warmer months with a weak dilution of liquid fertiliser.