Syzygium Sunset Delight 20cm

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Syzygium Sunset Delight (Syzygium australe "Sunset Delight")

  • Sturdy, dense, evergreen native shrub with a conical shape. Small glossy green leaves with striking orange new growth in summer. White flowers appear in summer followed by small pink fruits in autumn.
  • Use as a hedge, a low screen, a topiary or among other plants to create an interesting contrast. A colourful addition to the native garden.
  • Position: full sun to part shade in well drained soils.
  • Water requirements: low once established. Deep soakings during dry periods will benefit the plant.
  • Size: can reach 2.5 metres in height and 1 metre in width. Prune in late winter and late summer to maintain desired shape and size.

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