Oase Filtomatic 12000

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OASE Filtomatic is a genuine multi-talent that automatically monitors virtually all sources of stress
that pose a hazard for the pond including excess nutrients, sludge and suspended algae.

  • Interval cleaning reliably removes sludge, nutrients and toxins.
  • The integrated sludge pump operates for 10 seconds at a time for a maximum of 8 times per day.
  • The clocked 24W UVC unit that is activated as needed provides annual energy savings of up to 40%.
  • This is the first flow-through style filter that can be almost completely buried providing higher efficiency
  • filtration in a compact, well concealed, high performance unit.
  • Convenient cleaning of the foams without getting your hands dirty
  • Low maintenance and user friendly
  • Can be buried up to 70% of the filter height
FiltoMatic 02

Filtomatic 12000
Dimensions mm380 x 580 x 720
Voltage230 V/50 Hz
UVC Power Usage (watt)54
Max flow l/h8000
Filtration Capacity - No fish24000
Filtration Capacity - Goldfish12000
Filtration Capacity - Koi6000
Hose Connections (inch)1 1/2"
Outlet (mm)Dn 70
Sludge Discharge (mm)Dn 40

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