Hozelock Easyclear

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The Easyclear range comprises 3 units for ponds the 3000, 6000, and 9000. These fully integrated units combine a pump, filter and UVC and can be completely hidden in the pond. They provide clear and healthy water, easy installation and an attractive fountain and/or waterfall.

Easyclear benefits

Clear water

  • The UVC eliminates green water
  • Filter foam sieves out solid particles in the water

Healthy water

  • Kaldnes biomedia ensures that the water is healthy for fish and plants
  • The Kaldnes biomedia is now stored under the foams in gauze bags for quick and easy cleaning

Fountain and Waterfall

  • Reliable and attractive fountain and waterfall display (Easy clear 6000 and 9000 can run a waterfall and fountain simultaneously Easyclear 3000 can run a fountain or waterfall).
  • 3 fountainhead options (2 tier, 3 tier and bell)

Easy Installation

  • One power cable for simple and cost effective installation
  • Ball joint for easy levelling of the fountain head
  • Feet for stability
  • Fountain stem extension for varying pond depths
  • Independent flow control to adjust the size of the fountain or waterfall

Easy Maintenance

  • Latch for tool free access to cleaning foams and Kaldnes biomedia
  • Anti-clog fountain strainer for low maintenance
  • Bayonet fitting for easy access to the UVC for cleaning and changing
  • Water bypass allows continued UVC and fountain operation if foam is blocked

Easyclear Performance Data

Model Max Flow Max Fountain height Waterfall width Waterfall height Max Volume

3000 1260 0.7m 0.08m 0.5m 2500 litres

6000 1700 1.6m 0.13m 0.6m 3400 litres

9000 2850 1.9m 0.25m 0.6m 5700 litres

Code: 3003, 3006, 3009

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